Shack X Akutphoto (Interview)

We've teamed up with German photographer Akutphoto for an exclusive interview about him and his passion for photography.

1. Hey Leon, first of all please introduce yourself - how old are you and where are you from?

Hey ho, my name is Leon alias Akutphoto, I’m 23 years old and I currently live in Ulm. For those who don’t know, Ulm is a midsized city between Stuttgart and Munich.

2. When did you start taking photos and how did it happen?

I’m interested in photography since I was a child. There was a photography workshop in my elementary school where we had to take pictures of trees and leaves and since then I fell in love with it. For about four years now I’m active as a professional photographer and three years ago I started working on a commercial basis.

3. How would you describe your photographic style with your own words?

That’s a tough question… I’m always trying to focus on authenticity and to keep my portrait / lifestyle photos as natural and atmospheric as possible.

4. What are your goals for the future in terms of photography?

I have a dream that one day I have the guts to leave everything behind, just pack my bags and camera and jump onto the next plane to travel for a long long time.

5. Do you have another job beside photography and if yes, what do you do?

Yes, I’ve just finished my apprenticeship on the building site - but I have to admit that this was far away from what I actually want to do. For now I will do another two-year industry apprenticeship and then keep on making money. I’m also working as a bartender in a small bar. I will always keep doing photography as a hobby, as I don’t want to lose my passion and joy in the pressure of depending on it. But let’s see what the future brings.

6. Who are your role models when it comes to photography?

Andre Josselin over a long period of time, who is a mastermind in capturing the right mood - but lately I’m inspired by many different photos and things I see on Instagram.

7. What camera do you use and what is your favorite lens to shoot with?

I’m using the Nikon D800 and the 24mm Sigma lens. I’ve sold all my other lenses since I was only using the 24mm one. In case I might need another one for weddings, etc. I will just borrow one.

8. Do you remember your very first shooting and how was it?

My very first shooting was a lot of fun. I was shooting a good friend of mine and since we came along very well it was a perfect vibe. People were surprised in a very positive way about the photos which gave me the motiviaton to keep on doing this. I’ve met so many great and inspiring people and saw many new things while working as a photographer - that all and the positive feedback I’ve received so far is the reason why I’m still doing this.

9. Is there a place, city or country where you’d like to shoot in the future?

One place I definitely have to visit one day is Tokyo, because I love photos in the dark with bright and colorful lights - so I think this city is a must-do for me. But I’d also love to visit Iceland and to travel with a little camper van over there.

10. Last but not least - what are your current top 3 streetwear brands out there?

That’s hard to tell, because honestly I don’t have any favorite brands. I’m always wearing what looks and feels good no matter if it’s a cheap or an expensive brand.

11. Thank you so much for taking your time, Leon. Are there any final words you’d like to add?
Keep it going guys. I really love the fact that you’re dealing with photographers as a clothing brand and it’s a pleasure to be able to work with you. Keep on!

Make sure to check out his latest works and follow Akutphoto on Instagram:

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